Bishop Message’s


“Transformed to Empower the Work, My Walk, My Witness”

Transformed to Empower the Work, My Walk and My Witness is the outworking of the power of the grace of God which works in our lives at conversion and which continues to enable perfecting us in fullness of life in the Spirit. The biblical imperative of a Godly and righteous life in our contemporary circumstance is a testament to the completeness of the new life in Christ and our partnership with the Holy Spirit.

We are “transformed to empower the work.” That is, to recognize that God has called us to be His servants, to do His work, in His vineyard and in His time. This, according to scriptures, particularly Romans 12:1-2, calls for personal commitment and consecration. This guarantees fullness in the work of the Lord, evident in spiritual maturity, the manifestation of the call of the Spirit and the fulfillment of the word of God.

The transformation to empower the Christian walk provides a fullness of life in the Holy Spirit. This makes evident, Holiness in character, victory in Christian living and reflects Christ in the manifestation of the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Finally, transformed to empower the Christian witness, makes possible our redemptive responsibility in this wicked and perverse generation. The engagement of empowered witness releases lives that evoke conviction of sin, perceiving that brings conversion of souls and revival that produces sanctification.

The Relevance of the work, walk and witness of Christians.

The need for us as Christians to desire a renewed transformation that will re-empower the work, our walk and our witness, remains as the hope for a changed home, a changed church, a changed community and a changed society. It is in realizing this transformation that we fulfill the Great Commandments of being the light of the world and the salt of the earth and therein fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations, baptizing men in the Name of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit Mat 20:28.